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Simple, yet powerful features

Optimize your time and marketing research with our persona analytics platform to get the most updated customer insights you need faster.

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Gain data backed perspective and insights on social media content performing best with your audience.

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Gain insights to inform strategic decisions in your marketing development to appeal to the right customers.

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Have your buyer personas represented by your own social data and displayed on via our easy to use dashboard.

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Interpret and categorize your persona sentiments to get a better idea of how your customers feel about your brand.

Data-Driven Personas for all Businesses

No matter who your audience is, we can give you an enriched data-driven look on your audience.

Media and Entertainment

Analyze your audience data to support the creation and management of marketing campaigns and new entertainment programming.

Hospitality and Tourism

Track your customers preferences and interests to support new offerings and marketing campaigns for travel and tourism.

Retail and Consumer

Understand your customer groups and their buying patterns to get immediate feedback on new product preferences and offerings.

B2B and

Empower your product management, design, and marketing teams with insights about winning product features and current customer needs.

Health and Wellness

Gain valuable insights about your community and the healthcare challenges they face and develop a more impactful engagement.


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“With VoraInsight, we were able to discover how to better appeal to our millennial audience. One of the biggest insights was seeing millennial families that were far more interested in our fairground events than singles in that age group. Thanks to the platform’s findings, we were able to adjust our market strategy accordingly to have more quality engagements and interactions with that certain demographic.“

DJ Hargrave
Event & Branding Manager
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