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The Importance of Buyer Personas in Account-Based Marketing

The ABM approach becomes more exponential with the power of persona. Let’s review the importance of buyer's personas as it relates to Account-Based Marketing.

Modern technology has changed the way people consume marketing content. While this provides many opportunities to catch your buyer’s attention, it also means you will be challenged with crafting meaningful content that will resonate with your consumers. The average person is constantly being bombarded with digital ads on average of 6,000 – 10,000 a day which means it's much harder to catch your audience’s eye.

Marketers today are turning to a new method for sales outreach and brand awareness: Account-Based Marketing (ABM). The benefits of using this strategy have proven to be more successful when the buyer personas accurately align with the attributes and affinities of the target costumer. Knowing exactly the decision-making actions of your buyer means crafting more personalized content that will attract them to your product. The ABM approach becomes more exponential with the power of persona. Let’s review the importance of buyer's personas as it relates to Account-Based Marketing.

ABM at a Glance

ABM (Account-Based Marketing) is carefully curated sales and marketing tactics employed directly around a specific lead associated with a targeted account. In most traditional marketing models, the main ambition and drive is to maximize leads in the sales pipeline. The ABM framework prioritizes quality and quantity. The principals of this methodology highlight the importance of knowing your buyer’s profile and building highly personalize content to that target account to help influence certain choices in their buyer’s journey.  

This approach is optimized for specific accounts that have been identified as having key prospects to foster. Instead of volumizing the CRM with lackluster leads, ABM prioritizes client relationships that have already been identified as an ideal prospect.  

The Role Buyer Personas Play

Having a successful ABM strategy means selecting the right accounts to target.  This initial step in crucial to get correct. The better understanding you have of your buyer’s behaviors, interest and demographic breakdown; the easier it will be at reaching out to those target accounts.

Buyer Personas that are clearly defined can assist identifying these accounts and the influential people within them. A compelling persona will have effectively sketched out an accurate representation of the person with whom you want to forge a business relationship with. Deeper insights that can fill out this fictional representation of this buyer can aid to better development of an effective ABM strategy.  

Utilizing Buyer Personas for ABM Practices

Having a detailed persona can help you identify people you want to nurture in the ABM process and assist you in constructing high quality lead generation process. Data driven insights about your audience, utilizing AI driven analytics, is an invaluable tool to aid you in crafting the right messages and in communicating with your targeted accounts.  

Deeper understanding of your buyer’s likes, challenges and interests can help you develop a personalized touch to the sales and marketing outreach process. Knowing the sentiments of your prospects can lead to a more intimate buyer’s journey for them in relation to your product.  Surrounding relevant content to the buyer that caters to their needs means a more successful ABM strategy for business practices.

Account-Based Marketing is an effective procedure to influence certain decision makers in targeted accounts. When a business can correctly segment and select these prospects within these accounts, it will be easier to start a meaningful relationship.  Building enriches and data driven personas to represent these buyers, or segments, can be a tactful guideline in implementing ABM foundations to any business wanting to develop intimate touchpoints with their customers.

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