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Generate Your Patient Personas and Improve Your Marketing and Engagement

What if you were able to visualize the stories behind your patient population? What if you were able to track the preferences and needs of your community? Now you can, with patient personas!

With the advent of big data and artificial intelligence, healthcare organizations have the ability to generate patient personas on demand.  They now are able to analyze and therefore humanize the hundreds of millions of patient data points they have and then use the insights to engage and serve their patients and community.  

What is a persona?

A persona is a fictious or an imaginary person that represents a market segment of your customers or audience. A persona is typically presented via a persona profile that visualizes characteristics of the persona such as a photo, a name, age group, interests, needs, preferences, attitude, expectations and other attributes.  

There are many domains that currently employ personas, including product design, marketing, sales, digital content creation, and advertising.  

Why Patient Personas?

Patient personas provides healthcare marketers with valuable insights about their community and their patients’ attitudes, needs, preferences and behavior. Personas can help refine digital content and marketing strategies in order to increase patient engagement.  Healthcare organizations are able to create resonating messages tailored to each persona, representing a particular patient group.  They are able to connect and engage the community while monitoring their ever-changing needs and desires.  

Data-driven Patient personas can help healthcare providers identify, connect, and engage patients with high needs related to co-morbidity and chronic disease.  Data-driven patient personas will provide a birdseye view on such high-risk populations and empower caregivers with valuable insights about those patients experiences and unmet needs. The outcome is identifying and then addressing the barriers and gaps of care from the patient prospective.  

How to create Patient Personas?

  • Identify: Categorize your patient population
  • Collect: Gather data about the Identified population.  The aggregated data can be collected from digital media channels or from EMRs.  
  • Segment: Group the population into unique segments.  AI/ML models can be deployed to analyze the millions of data points collected.  
  • Generate: Produce identifiable complete segments with combined behavioral and demographic data
  • Enrich: Personalize each segment by providing them with individual characteristics, such as a photo and name to create a complete persona profile for each customer segment.  

Once you have generated your patient personas, you are able to better understand and engage your patient community.  You will be able to improve your care and services as well as publish targeted and meaningful content at the right time to the right patients.  

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